The Deveron 18 years
The Deveron 18 Years

Made where the big river meets the endless brine, in any weather, drookit or clear, Delve in fruity depths where nutty notes are stowed; a dram for blether and fireside cheer.

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The Deveron 18 Years – The Deveron hails from Macduff distillery, found beside the River Deveron just before it meets the North Sea. Sheltered from those restless waters and the worst winter winds, this tranquil spot offers calm from the storm; the perfect place to craft a mellow fireside malt.

Distillation employs five small copper pot stills and unusual horizontal condensers which are arranged for a light and fruity spirit. The result is a rare coastal whisky which holds the tang of shoreline air alongside sturdy apple notes, dried fruits and nutty warmth.

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