Lagavulin 12 years Special Release 2022
Lagavulin Special Release 12 Years 2022

In this deep expression from virgin oak and our smokiest reserves, peaty casks lead spice and smoke on their eternal dance with deep sweetness. The smooth, oily start shines with sweet richness, before lemony citrus and sea salt add freshness and an explosion of spice to savour. Mid-palate, the taste becomes more drying, its smoky intensity ever-growing. Great waves of peat wreathe the long, smoky-spicy finish. New-fired, Lagavulin soars to fresh heights of spiced smoke.

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Lagavulin Special Release 12 Years 2022 – As our legend goes, one extraordinary day the King of Islay was reborn. A spark of sunlight fell from the sky, and set the land ablaze. When the flames subsided, the scorched earth was veiled in thick smoke. Suddenly, new life rose from the ashes in shimmering feathers of honeyed gold and rich crimson. A regal Phoenix soared above its wings of fire powering the stills of Lagavulin, amplifying its spiced intensity.

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