Irish Jameson 35cl
Jameson 35CL

In 1780, John Jameson established a way of making Irish whiskey that we’ve been proudly sticking to ever since.

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Jameson Irish Whiskey is made by blending rich pot still whiskey made from both malted and unmalted barley, with the finest grain whiskey, both distilled 3 times for smoothness. And while our barley is all grown within 100 miles of Midleton, our water comes from the Dungourney river, which flows right through our distillery. Which is fitting, because the word whiskey derives from the Irish “uisce beatha”, meaning ‘water of life’. Now, while our barley comes from up the road and our water comes from outside the window, maize is a sun-loving crop. Ireland’s famous climate is anything but tropical, so that’s why we use a farmer in the South of France to provide us with all our non-genetically modified maize.

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