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Tequila Aha Toro Reposado
Tequila Aha Toro Reposado
Tequila Aha Toro Reposado zijkant

Tequila Aha Toro Reposado

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SKU: 7503007194077 Category: Tequila.
Aged in oak barrels for at least two months and up to a year. The short aging-time is unique for Tequila. At an early age it already has a full, complex taste. The longer the Tequila is aged, the more flavours it is given by the barrel. This type of Tequila has a softer taste, often flowery, and a light amber colour. Tequila Resposado keeps the distinct aromas of agave, but is milder than Tequila Blanco.

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Aha Toro
Soort Grondstof
100% Blue Agave
70 CL.
Vol. Alcohol
40,0 % Vol.
Grupo Tequilero de los Altos

Learn the history of our great-great-grandfather Don Pedro Camarena pioneered the planting of Agave Tequilana Weber Variedad Azul in Los Altos de Jalisco. One hundred and twenty years later, his descendants, continue honoring by making higher quality Tequila.

AHA TORO originated from an area known as “Los Altos de Jalisco”; a beautiful countryside surrounded by the blue colored patches of the “Tequilana” agave. To produce the fully ripe blue agave plants, and conceive a Tequila of such high quality from this privileged region, requires waiting patiently for up to ten years. From here, we begin a delicate brewing process of honey extraction, fermentation, distillation, and a resting period of several months. AHA TORO then culminates into an aged Tequila destined for the most demanding palates.

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