Salvatore Calabrese Limoncello

Liquore di Limone Salvatore Calabrese
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Liquore di Limone, a classic unpeeled.

Salvatore Calabrese grew up on the beautiful Amalfi coast, and returns every summer with his family to relax and enjoy all that it has to offer, including the local limoncello liqueur. For generations the lemmons have been cultivated on the sunny mountain sides and gone into the making of this popular digestive liqueur, traditionally made with a harsh grain spirit. Salvatore felt that he could improve on it: 'these are the best lemons in the world and should be married with the best spirit.' In creating this Liquore di Limone, the Maestro insists on fragrant Amalfi lemons; these are picked at the end of spring when the lemon oil is the most aromatic. Salvatore specifies that only the best eau de vie - 'the noble cognac' - should be used to infuse the lemon zest. He also requires that the lemon zest is left to infuse for a full five weeks. Enjoy this liqueur straight at room temperature, chilled over ice, straight from the freezer or at the centre of a cocktail and you will savour the work of an undoubted Maestro.

Mid-season Amalfi lemons and fine Cognac.



Vol. Alcohol

    30,0 % Vol.


    50 CL.




    Amalfi Coast


    Liquore di Limone


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Welkom !!

 Voor de aankoop van alcoholhoudende drank dient U 18 jaar of ouder te zijn.

Welkom !!

 Voor de aankoop van alcoholhoudende drank dient U 18 jaar of ouder te zijn.